ADM Rel - 210319 - [4-1-21]

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 4/1/21.



What’s New      

  • We have made a few updates around the Pick List Action for products to provide more control and a consistent experience. 
    • First update – is to the PC Swap process.
      It will default the Rounding option to “Round Down” for products that have “1+ Cases Needed” set as the action. This will align with the functionality from SmartHQ and provide similar results on the Pick List.
    • Second update – is to the ADM UI.
      The Rounding and Display Need By fields for all Pick List Actions will now be shown. This will provide operators with more control over these options, even if the Global product does not have “1+ Cases Needed” set as the action.

  • The Sales Analysis report provides great insight into sales by Product and Location, giving users the data they need. To make this report more beneficial, we have updated the Export file format and have added some additional detail making it easier to use and understand.

Bug Fixes     

  • We have fixed a bug on the Sales Analysis report that was causing variances in the GM % value. With this update, operators will be able to get accurate and consistent values for their Gross Margin %.

  • General bug fixes.