Customer Training Descriptions



This article shows what each customer training will cover. To request training, please fill out the following form. Customer Training Request Form

Note: If you are not yet a customer of 365 and have not spoken to a sales representative first, please email to contact a sales rep before submitting a training request.


Software Training

  • ADM Training - Want to find out what ADM can do? This session will be a complete high-level overview of everything that can be accomplished with the ADM website to manage your market.
    • Main topics include:
      • Connectivity Status of Kiosks
      • Product Management
      • Inventory
      • Menu’s
      • Reports
      • "Order Ahead if applicable”
      • GMA
    • This training will also take into account what devices you have with 365 and cover its functionality.

  • SmartHQ Training - Will cover the entire SmartHQ website and how to best use it to manage your market. (Covers all reports and how to take inventory.)


Additional In-Depth Training Topics in ADM

  • ADM Inventory Training - Are your inventory levels not adding up? Join us for a training session to make sure you are keeping track of your inventory levels accurately while using our system. We will cover essential reports to help you keep track of inventory and, how to make the best use of pick lists.

    • Note: This covers only inventory tracking when using ADM and not when you have a Data Integration (VMS).

  • Order Ahead Training - New to Order Ahead but already familiar with ADM? Choose this session to cover only the Order Ahead features in ADM.

  • ADM Report Training - Will focus on just the reports used in ADM. It will also cover what reports are best used for loss prevention.

  • ADM Promotions Training - See what you can do with promotions to get customers excited in your Market! (Covers GMA Loyalty program and ADM promotions.)


Vending and AV Live Training

  • PicoVend Training - Will cover everything you need to know about the PicoVend product and the AVLive website used to manage the device.

  • PicoVend Mini Training - Will cover everything you need to know about the PicoVend Mini product and the AV Live website used to manage the device.

Other - Use this option in the form if you do not see the training you need in this list. Custom training can be done on request.