ADM Rel - 210201 - [3-9-21]

The following new features and updates were deployed on 3-9-2021.


V5 / 365Dining

What’s New

  • The V5 kiosk offers a number of Premium Payment integrations that allow for a third-party account system to be accepted at the kiosk. We have added the ability for a Tender Promotion to be run on these Premium Payments, allowing operators to offer additional incentives for using these methods. When creating a Promotion in ADM, select the Premium Payment tender method and consumers will receive a discount when checking out.

  • We have added the ability to deploy a screen saver to the V5 UI after a set period of inactivity. If there is a kiosk with limited use for extended periods of time, the screen saver can automatically initiate on the kiosk to transition to a new screen. The screen saver image will be full-screen and will use the primary color and logo that is currently on the kiosk UI. To enable this feature:
    • Go to the Device Summary page in ADM.
    • Select Yes in the Kiosk Screen Saver

  • On the V5 kiosk, there is a feature for Unlock Discount that allows operators to have more control over what consumers receive in a promotion. Consumers must identify themselves with a set barcode or QR Code in order to “unlock” the associated promotion. We have enhanced the Tender Promotion UI when using Unlock Discount to make it clearer to consumers that they have actually unlocked the promo and are receiving a discount.

  • For our operators in Quebec, Canada, we have updated the tax labeling on the V5 UI. When a product has an associated 14.98% tax rate, the tax labeling will now display as “TPS/TVQ” to provide clearer insight into the taxes being charged on the transaction.

  • In ADM, 365 has the ability to enable a feature where products with negative inventory values cannot be sold on the Self-Service menu in 365Dining. This feature prevents consumers from purchasing items that are not actually available to be purchased, since their inventory has been depleted. We have updated the UI on the Self-Service menu to display an accurate error message when consumers attempt to check-out with a product that cannot be sold.


Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes.