ADM Rel - 210108 - [1-21-21]


The following new features and fixes were deployed on 1/21/21.



What’s New

  • We have made some general UI updates and enhancements throughout ADM to provide a more consistent user experience. There have been updates made to various modals, popups, and fields to make the pages more responsive and usable to help ensure a better experience.

  • On the Pick List Manager page, there is a new column titled Status which will display the current state of the order. Potential values for this field include:
    • Locked
    • Planned
    • Pulled
    • Complete
    • Cancelled 

These statuses will help to provide users with more insight into the state of the order, so they know where it currently stands in the process.

  • We have continued work to update and migrate reporting in ADM to our new database. This ongoing process will help to ensure that reports can be run for more locations and over longer timeframes to provide users with the data they need on a regular basis.

Bug Fixes

  • A bug in the Consumer Search results that was causing duplicate records has been addressed. If a consumer account had multiple Scancodes associated with it, there was an individual record being displayed for each instance. With this fix, every consumer account will only be displayed once in the results and if an account has multiple Scancodes associated, they will be comma separated in the column.