ADM Rel - 201204 - [12-17-20]

Release Notes rel-201204-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 12/17/20.



What’s New    

  • We have continued work on our ADM reporting updates so that reports will return results more quickly and can be run for longer time periods. We have also added more automation and validation to ensure report accuracy and technical functionality. 

  • We have added in a new read-only VDI Provider field on the Location Summary page in ADM. There will be two fields associated with this field, one for the name of the VDI Provider and one for the VDI Provider ID. If the location has a VDI integration enabled, we will show the provider and ID in the associated fields. This update will let operators know if VDI is setup for the location, and if so, what ID is associated. 

  • On the Product tab on the Location Summary page, we have added in a new field for Last Product Catalog Import:. If a VDI provider is enabled for the location, this field will display the last Date and Time that a catalog was synced for that location. This will help operators get a better understanding of how current the product list is in ADM. 

Bug Fixes

We have fixed an issue with some ADM users and scheduled reports that was causing the data to display for the incorrect date. With this fix, users will now receive data for the specific date as intended.