AV Live Release Notes 2023.2.0 [05-22-23]

Release Notes 2023.2.0

The following new features and updates were deployed on 5/22/2023.


AV Live

What’s New

  • Updated’s ASP.NET

  • Updated’s ASP.NET

  • Updated’s ASP.NET

  • Implement caching GMA Balances on PicoVend to prevent users from being able to go into a negative balance with their consumer account

  • No longer require API key for time endpoint

  • Removed the ‘Use DEX for Reporting’ field and associated functionality

  • Allowed operators to push software updates to devices

  • Changed Id’s to Edit/Delete buttons on Users, Contact Us Forms, My Products, Hierarchies, Integrations tab, Orders, and Product Categories pages

  • Indicated that the Machine Number field is optional on the PayPlus/PVM Linking screen

  • Passed newly specified parameters to ADM for enhanced org creation

  • Prevented special characters in usernames except: ‘.’, ‘-‘, ‘_’

  • Added check to prevent device from being linked twice

  • Handled error with the date sent up on an Issue log


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error causing redirects for users without the MachineManagement role when logging in to AV Live