ADM - Release Notes -230428 [05-18-23]

Release Notes rel-230428-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 5/18/23



What’s New

  • For International Operators using the VAT system, we have updated the Daily Sales Summary report in ADM to better handle taxes. With this update, the Sales values will be inclusive of VAT to help better tie reports out to each other.
  • As part of the EFT: GMA Disbursement process, a report is emailed out to the specified financial contacts for each Operator. This Excel report was missing the tab for “Manual Adjustments” so the context behind some adjustments was not being included. We have updated this version of the report so the Manual Adjustments made by 365 will have the corresponding detail included.

Bug Fixes

  • Consumer Roles allow Operators to segment users to determine if a particular user will receive a Promotion or not. We have fixed a bug in ADM related to the display of the Consumer Role Name when creating and editing promotions, so that the actual name will display. Previously, there was a bug causing the unique ID to display in ADM.