Stockwell 2.0 Quick Start Guide


This guide serves as a quick start to getting up and running with your Stockwell 2.0 as quickly as possible. 

Key Things to Note
  • The Stockwell website will be used for creating the planogram/schema. Inventory management and product management will still be handled in ADM or within your VMS if you are using an integration.

  • Promotions, GMA Subsidies, Gift Cards, Menus are NOT available with Stockwell.

  • Stockwell will automatically receive the products from ADM

  • Product images will need to be applied to any new products within the Stockwell website.

Note: Throughout this article you will see the terms Planogram and Schema. Those can be used interchangeably


Deployment Requests

A Location Deployment Request should be submitted at least 3-4 days before a location goes live. The request is needed in order for the 365 team to set up your device in ADM, create a schema for the store, and add any necessary users to use the Restockwell app, Stockwell Schema Tool, and ADM.

These requests require the following information: 

  • Metro
  • Store Number
  • Location Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Number
  • Go-Live Date
  • User Access Requests - Techs, Drivers, and Ops need access to:
    • the Stockwell Operations Site
    • The ADM Org
    • The Restockwell APP loaded on the handheld.

You can submit a request through the following form Stockwell 2.0 Location Deployment Request


Powering on the Stockwell

You will see a red screen show on the Pico


When you see this, at the very bottom of the Stockwell below the Pico device, press and hold the down arrow for 5 seconds or until the red screen goes away and the point of sale screen appears.

Next, perform two test transactions.

  • For these tests, we are just confirming that the doors are unlocking when presented with payment options. No need to take any products

    • First test, insert your credit card to confirm that unlocks the doors

    • Second test, scan the QR Code from the 365pay app to see if that unlocks the doors.

      • You must have a credit card linked to your account in order for that to work.

Congratulations! Your Stockwell is set up and ready for use.

For information on moving a Stockwell, please see the following HelpCenter article Stockwell 2.0 Setup Guide

For general troubleshooting, please see the following HelpCenter article Stockwell 2.0 Troubleshootingas well as the Stockwell Spec Sheet.


Setting up the Stockwell Planogram/Schema

1. Click on the location name in ADM

2. Click on the products tab

3. Click manage planogram

  • This will redirect you to the Stockwell website

4. Click “Clone Schema”

  • The term Schema and Planogram are interchangeable.

5. Search for the products in the search bar at the top that you would like to place into the schema.

  • Products are automatically pulled from ADM and uploaded into the Stockwell website

  • You do not edit product information in the Stockwell website. All product management will occur in ADM or in any 3rd party software that you are already using for product management.

  • Once the product is in the schema, you can click and drag where it needs to go

  • If you are needing multiple rows of the same product, when the product is selected, on the right side put in the amount of rows needed in the juxtapose field

6. Once you have your schema built out click save then migrate to production.

Your schema has now been setup for that location.


Adding Images to your Products

Images will need to be linked to any new products the Stockwell website receives from ADM. Below are the steps on how to link images to a product.

1. Click the 3 line icon in the top left on the Stockwell website

2. Click Items

  • This is where all your items are stored, these are all the same items that are in ADM, when a new item is added into ADM it will automatically appear in Stockwell. Contact Support if you are not seeing your items here at 855-841-9036 (available 8am-5pm EST, Mon-Fri), or email

3. Click on an item to see more details

4. Scroll down to where it says “images”

5. Click on any image option, “small, medium, large” will work all the same.

6. Upload the image you would like to use for that product.

7. Click save in the upper right.

Nothing else on this page will ever need to be adjusted, this section will just be used for the images.


Managing Templates

Stockwell allows you to create schema templates to assign to your locations. Templates are not required

The benefit of a template is if you have multiple locations that will always have the same schema setup it will allow you to adjust those locations at the same time.

1. To view your locations as well as your templates click on the 3 line icon in the upper left corner.

2. Click Store Schema Tool

3. On the left are your locations and on the right are the templates.

  • You will already have some templates for your locations built out for you to use and modify.

4. To edit a template, click on the template you want to edit on the right

5. From this screen you can click and drag products into different positions or search for additional product in the search bar to edit the template.

6. Once you made your edits, click save in the upper right.

7. Important: This makes the change to the template but does not yet apply the change to the locations that have the template associated to it.

8. You will then need to go back to the “Store Schema Tool” and click on each location that has that template that needs that change applied

9. You will then click on the “staging” tab and then choose the template in the drop down that you just adjusted.

10. Save and migrate to production

In the future, there will be an option to automatically apply the change to locations after a change is made to the template without having to go into each one and apply the change.


Managing Schemas at One Location

A location that does not have a template linked to it can still be managed separately.

  1. On the Stockwell website, click on the 3 lines in the upper left corner

  2. Click on Store Schema Tool

  3. To make edits to the schema, click staging

  4. Then click clone schema to see the current schema

        5. Now you can make edits from here by moving products around or adding in new products.

Even if a location has a template associated to it, you can still edit that location separately by just clicking on the location name and doing what was listed in the above steps. This will not affect the actual template itself but instead just edit the schema for that one location you are under.


Unlocking the Stockwell Doors for a Restock

The following steps will show how to unlock the Stockwell doors to perform a restock.

  1. On the Pico device, tap in the upper left corner of the touch screen 5 times

  2. Enter in your PIN or ADM email and Password

  3. Select Start Service Mode, both doors will unlock and stay open for 30 minutes if neededimg011.png

  4. You will see a timer on the Pico. Click Finish to lock the doors if done before the 30 minutes is up.img012.png

5. Finally, after restocking, take a picture of the Stockwell using the Restockwell App. See "Taking a Picture of the Stockwell" 

Restockwell App

The Restockwell App is used for viewing the planogram/schema and taking pictures of the Stockwell after products have been added.

Viewing the Planogram

  1. Download the app by searching Restockwell on the App store or Google Play store

  2. Log in with your ADM credentials

  3. Once logged in tap on delivery at the bottom

  4. You will see all the Stockwell stores you have access to, click on a location to view the planogram/schema



Taking a Picture of the Stockwell

If you do not have the app, you can download from the App store or Google Play Store by searching for "Restockwell."

Taking a picture is important as this can be used to make sure the planogram matches what was put back into the Stockwell.

  1. Select Delivery from bottom of the screen

  2. Enter or Choose Store Number

  3. Select the PHOTOS Tab

  4. Press the Camera icon and take a picture of the store

  5. Image will upload automatically to the Stockwell website after the picture has been taken.



Stockwell Training

If you would like to setup additional training, please use the training form and choose Stockwell Only to schedule in some time.



How can Stockwells connect to the internet?

Stockwells will receive internet through Opt Connect devices which are inside the Stockwell unit.

Will Stockwells work offline?

Stockwell will not work offline

Can the pre-auth be set to $0?
No: the minimum amount that a pre-auth can be set to is $1. This will protect you as the Operator from fraudulent cards being used at the Stockwell. Pre-auth amount defaults to $10 if left unchanged in ADM.


How do you clear out the health safety lock?

If Health Safety lock is enabled, someone will need to be at the location to unlock the doors. Do this by holding the down arrow at the bottom of the Stockwell for 5 seconds or until the red screen goes away on the Pico Device.

How do customers unlock the doors?

Stockwell doors will be unlocked by either using a credit card or scanning the QR code within the 365pay app.

Do customers need to scan the products on the Pico device?

No, the customer does not have to scan any product on the Pico Device itself

How many cameras are in the Stockwell?

There are 9 cameras within the Stockwell that are used to determine what a customer has purchased

When will customers receive their receipt for their purchase?

Customers will receive a receipt about 5-10 minutes after a transaction.

Does the Stockwell have a cooler inside?

Yes, the entire right hand side of the Stockwell device is refrigerated.

What is the Restockwell App used for?

The Restockwell app will be used for viewing the planogram/schema that was created in the Stockwell website as well as taking pictures of the Stockwell.