ADM - Release Notes - 230407 [04-27-23] 

Release Notes rel-230407-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 4/27/23.



What’s New!

  • Payroll Deduct through GMA is a great tool to offer clients wanting to leverage an easier way to pay for their employees. Within ADM, there are Payroll Deduct Details and Payroll Deduct Summary reports, which help Operators and Clients correctly charge back to employees. These two reports have been updated to include additional detail around accounts, such as the identifying Scancode. This update will make it easier to identify and charge the correct accounts.

  • For 365Dining kiosks, there has been a setting that needed to be enabled to show Product Images on screen. With this release, we have updated the functionality so if there are images associated with a Product, they will automatically show on the interface. This will ensure that all intended images are correctly displayed to end consumers.

  • The Daily Sales Summary report in ADM has been updated to include a breakdown of taxable and non-taxable Sales. There are two new columns on the report, which will give the total amount of Sales that had taxes applied, and the total amount of Sales that did not have taxes applied. This will make it easier for Operators to get a breakdown of sales and taxes for reporting purposes. 

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug with Default Subsidy Groups that was impacting some new accounts on the 365Pay app. With this fix, consumers who create an account on the app and associate to a Location with a Default Subsidy Group will now be automatically associated.