International Orders - EU and UK Ordering Process


This article explains how to place international orders, both in the European Union and the United Kingdom, by using the 365 Ordering Portal. These processes are similar but they have key differences. Always make sure you are using the right portal for your region. 



Initial Steps: Request Type, PO, and 365 Rep

  1. In the portal, select New Customer Request or Hardware Request, depending on your needs. 

  2. Attach your PO to the portal. This is a required step. You may drag the file into the drop box at the top of the hardware request screen, or select the Browse button to upload it to the form. You then must then enter the PO number on the form itself, as this will assist with tracking your request. 

  3. Select your 365 representative from the drop-down menu. If you don’t know your representative, reach out to and your representative will get in touch with you.


Products, Org, and Location Information

  1. Select the type of product(s) you are ordering. Groups of products that are within the same room are considered to be part of the same Location. We process orders by location: if you will have multiple devices within the same room, they can all be in the same order. Once they arrive, they will automatically have the same Location name and will be managed together in ADM, our back-end management program. 
    • If you are ordering devices for multiple Locations, you will need to place separate orders for each Location. 

  2. A group of Locations in ADM is referred to as an Organization or ORG. If you have worked with us before and already have an ORG in ADM, select Yes and provide the ORG name as it reads in your ADM Portal.

    • If you are a new customer and your company has never accessed ADM, select No. This informs the 365 Team to create an ORG for your company.

EU Form Only - Fiskaly (German and Austrian Markets)

If you are not using the EU form, or if your market is not German or Austrian, please skip ahead to the Continued Steps for EU and UK below. 

Fiskaly is for German and Austrian markets only. This integration allows for compliance with local tax authorities regarding receipts and reporting. Fiskaly is automatically applied to German and Austrian devices unless ‘no’ is selected on the order.

Once you have selected the correct option for your needs, continue with the steps below. 


Continued Product, Org, and Location Information

  1. Enter the number of devices you are ordering for each product type
  2. Connection Type: When you select a Pico product of any kind, you will be asked which connection type you need.
    • Select SIM for cellular connectivity
    • Select WIFI if you intend to use the wifi provided on-site or are installing your own wifi solution
    • If you are unsure which connection type to choose, please reach out to your 365 representative.
  3. The Operator Company Name should be the same company name you submitted on your new customer form

  4. The Contact Details should be for the person managing the order from your company – who is coordinating the shipment, installation, and training

  5. The billing address will be what is shown on the invoice generated for your company 

  6. Primary ADM Admin Contact
    • Select Same as order contact if the person managing the order is also the person managing your ADM ORG
    • Select Add ADM Admin Contact if the person managing the ‘ORG’ is different from the person managing the order

  7. Location Name is the unique descriptor for the group of devices. Examples could include South Building 4th Floor, South Building 1st Floor, Parkway LobbyMain Office Break Room, etc. This location name will be listed in ADM. 

  8. Location Address is the physical address of the market/device location.

  9. Delivery Date is your need-by date. When do you need the device(s) to arrive at the site? Please consider the lead times associated with your location and your region when submitting, as some rush fees may apply depending on your needs.


Linking Instructions

Answer the following questions and consider the points to understand your linking needs. If you have questions, reach out to your 365 Representative.


Stand Alone

  • Are you ordering only one device, and will that be the only device located in your market?
  • This one device will not allow users to apply any pre-loaded account at any other device outside of this one single location. However, they will still be able to use other devices when paying by card
  • Since this will be the only device located within the market, it will not share inventory with any other devices

Same Store

  • Are you ordering more than 1 device?
  • Are the devices on your order sharing a location name in your ADM ORG?
  • Are the devices on your order sharing a room/general space at your market location?
  • These devices will share all data between them.
    • They will be listed under the same location in ADM
    • They will share inventory
      • Example: your user will be able to take a snack bar off of the shelf and scan it at any device, registering the inventory as sold on all devices registered under the same store linking.
    • They will share users
    • They will share reports
    • Example: You are ordering 2 kiosks and a beacon for your J.P. Morgan 4th Floor location since the traffic is very high at lunchtime and you need the second kiosk and mobile-checkout option to reduce long wait times for users that only have a short amount of time to get their items and return to work.
  • Will this be linked to an existing location?
    • Select no if only the devices on your order will need to be Same Store
    • Select yes if you are ordering an additional device for an existing location
      • You will need to enter the serial number of the existing device. You can find the serial number located under the location in ADM.

Connected Campus

  • Are the device(s) on your order needing to share users with other devices, but not inventory?
  • Are you adding a second market to an existing customer location?
  • Example: You are ordering 1 PicoCooler for your J.P. Morgan 6th floor location since it easily fits in the small space you were provided by the customer. You don’t want the Pico device to share inventory with the 4th floor location, but you do want the users of the 4th floor market to be able to use their pre-funded accounts at the 6th floor cooler.
  • 2nd Example: Your J.P. Morgan 4th and 6th floor markets are a hit, and the customer wants you to put a new market in another at of their office buildings downtown. A lot of the users at the 4th and 6th floor markets work at the downtown location during the week. In order for the users to access their accounts at this new location, you would want to be sure to select Connected Campus for this new location.
  • Serial Number and Location Name: If you are linking the device to an existing location, provide the serial number and location name of the device you want it linked to. If you do not have the serial number, you can provide only the location name. Please be sure to use the location name as it reads in ADM

Same Store & Connected Campus

  • Are you putting in a new market with multiple devices that also needs to share users with a different, existing market?
  • Example: You ordered your PicoCooler for the J.P. Morgan 6th floor first to see if the solution is a good fit for the customer. They loved it so much they wanted a bigger market on their 4th floor to replace their old canteen solution. You are placing the order for the 2 kiosks and a beacon for the 4th floor. You need them to share inventory, but you also need them to share users with the 6th floor cooler.
  • Will this be linked to an existing location?
    • Select no if only the devices on your order will need to be Same Store
    • Select yes if you are ordering an additional device for an existing location
  • Serial Number and Location Name: If you are linking the device to an existing location, provide the serial number and location name of the device you want it linked to. If you do not have the serial number, you can provide only the location name. Please be sure to use the location name as it reads in ADM

Final Steps: Taxes, Product Database, and Notes

  1. Deliverables: Please complete the deliverables based on the location of the device.
    Regarding Tax Systems
    • For most EU Countries, select VAT Tax
    • For Italy, select Italy
    • For the UK, select UK Tax
    • For Ireland, please consult with your 365 Representative

  2. Product Database: Prior to starting your order, you should have received instructions about how to perform a Product Database Upload. If you have not received these instructions, please reach out to your 365 representative to schedule a time to review.
    • New File should be selected if you are providing a new Product Upload file to be used on the device(s) you are ordering. You will need to attach the product upload file to the form using the drop box at the top of the form.
    • Clone existing Location should be selected if you have a location that already uses the same type of products you are ordering. You will need to provide the location serial number and name of the market you wish to copy

  3. Distributor Section: Disregard the details below the Distributor Section Line. This is an interactive form between you and our warehouse team. Their portion of the order is located under the distributor section.
  4. If you have special requests or need to provide additional details, such as an alternative shipping address, please use the notes section provided. 
  5. Once you have completed all the above details, click ‘Send’
      • Your order will be sent to our warehouse, finance, and ordering teams for processing


Checking Order Status

  1. Visit your portal

  2. Select the Requests button in the top right corner of the page, then the Created by me option

  3. Here you will find all of your open orders and their status. Status options include:

    • Distributor Information: Our Warehouse team is providing the serial numbers of your device(s) and provisioning them. 

    • With 365 Sales: The 365 Sales Operations team is processing your order internally.

    • Sent to fulfillment: The Sales Operations team has processed your order and it is ready to be picked up by the Fulfillment team.

    • Gathering Deliverables – Contacting Credit Card Processor: The Fulfillment team has picked up the order and is checking to ensure all deliverables are completed. They also are contacting the Credit Card Processor to ensure your device(s) are ready to process transactions. This step tends to take the most time.

    • Sent to Implementation/Submitted: Your order is nearly complete. The Implementation team is working with the Warehouse team to finalize your order and complete final testing. The Implementation team will notify the Warehouse team when the order is ready to ship, and the Warehouse team will package your device(s) and schedule shipment.