Parlevel - Best Practices for Removing/Moving Machines and Devices

In order to remove a Point of Sale from your VMS (and therefore from billing), a few steps must be completed depending on the type.

Removing/Disconnecting Machines

For Vending:
1. In the VMS, go to Vending tab> All Machines. Select or filter for the appropriate machine, and select the icon on the far right to enter the Machine Edit page.
2. Select the Basic Info tab, and check off the Disconnected Machine box on the right. Save your changes.

    Disconnected machines cannot be routed or serviced, but the planogram can be retained for later use.

3. (Optional) Machines can also be deleted from the main All Machines page by simply clicking the on the far right.

Please note that marking a machine as Offline and removing its Device ID does not remove the machine from your VMS or your billing plan. Machines must be Disconnected properly in order to be registered as removed.

For OCS Stations:

In order to not be billed for an OCS station, it must be deleted. 

1. From the All Stations page, you can find the appropriate station and click the on the far right side.

For Micro Markets:

Micro Markets can be "disconnected" by changing their location to Warehouse. This designates the market/kiosk as not to be billed, but can be re-installed at a later date.

1. Go to All Markets page, filter for the appropriate market, and select to enter the Edit Micro Market page.
2. Select Options > Copy Market.
3. Assign the copy's location to Warehouse, and proceed to delete the original market.

    Please note: the copied market does not retain item quantities; once the original market is deleted, so are the quantities.

Best Practices for Moving Devices

When moving telemeters/devices from a disconnected machine to a machine to be implemented, please update the respective information in the VMS to ensure accurate DEXing and inventory tracking.

Devices being re-implemented can be merged with existing offline machines from Vending > Implementation > Merge with Machine option (seen above), or by updating the Device ID for a machine that is already online by going to Edit Machine > Basic Info, and replacing the former Device ID with the new one.

To complete the transition and confirm the new machine, a DEX must be received from the telemeter. This can be done by:

  •  Sending a DEX on-site from the new machine
  • Waiting for a scheduled DEX to be received (if on-site is unavailable)
  • Having Hero Support resend the last scheduled DEX (this option is only available if the new machine's layout matches the old precisely)