Parlevel - Using Product Management

You can easily add and edit products for your Micro Markets using the Product Management screen. We also have a helpful video over this page, found here.

In your VMS, you can navigate to Markets > Product Management.

Using the Product dropdown at the top left corner of the screen, you can search for the product you need to add or modify. Only products that are active in your Product Catalog will be available to search, so if you do not see a specific product, you may need to navigate to Settings > Warehouse > Products and activate it. For more information on using the product catalog and activating products, please see this instructional video.

You can also click Products or Markets in the top right corner to navigate to the Product Catalog or your Markets page, respectively.

Once you've selected a product, the information seen below will load.

You can see if the product has an associated UPC on the right. If you enter a Price or Par into the fields on the left and then click the icon, the price and/or par will be updated to that value for all markets, if they are already in that market.

If you enter a value into the fields on the right and click the icon, then the price or par will be updated by the specified margin.

Beneath the header, you will see a list of your markets, as it appears below.

From left to right, here is an explanation of the information found underneath each column title.

  • In Market: This indicates whether a product has already been added as a selection to the Market, marked by either a Yes or No.
  • ID: This is the System ID of the Market.
  • Micro Market: This is the name of the market. It is a clickable link which will open the Market Modal.
  • Location: This is the location of the Market.
  • Asset: This is the Asset in the Market that a product is assigned to, if it is already in the Market. If the product is not in a Market currently, then the Asset field will appear as a dropdown where you can select the Asset you would like to put the product in.
  • Price: This is the price of the product in a particular market.
  • Par: This is the parlevel of the product in a particular market.
  • Add/Update: Once you've updated the Price or Par field or indicated a product is to be added to an asset, then you will need to click the checkbox here. You can click the checkbox at the very top to add the product to all available markets. 
  • Remove: You can click this checkbox to remove a product from a particular market, or click the checkbox at the very top to remove the product from all available markets. 

You will need to click Save Changes in the top right corner in order for any changes you've made to take effect.