Parlevel - Swapping the CPU in a Kiosk

Follow these instructions to replace the CPU in your kiosk. Once swapped, please send back the defective unit along with all original wires within 15 business days, or you will be billed full price for the unit.

If you have any questions or require assistance in performing the CPU swap, please contact Parlevel Support at (210) 200-8873 (option 1).

RMA includes:


  • CPU
  • Antennas (2x)
  • CPU Power Supply

You will need:

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Mini flathead screwdriver
  • Cable Tie Cutter
  • 11/32 Socket (optional)
  • Key to access kiosk bottom cabinet


1. Use the Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the two screws that secure the back panel of the kiosk. Once removed, slide the back door up and out to access the CPU.


2. The CPU's power is provided by the preen power connector piece located on top of the CPU. The mini flathead screwdriver will be used to disconnect the power cable. 

3. Remove all remaining cables and antennae that are plugged into the CPU.

4. Once the power supply cable, antennae, and cables have been unplugged, carefully slide the mounting bracket up and out  to swap out the CPU.


5. Use the screwdriver or the 11/32 socket to unfasten the four screws and nuts on the bracket to remove the computer.


6. Place the defective unit aside and line up the replacement CPU with the black pieces on the bracket. The screwdriver or 11/32 socket will then be used to reattach the four screws and nuts. Once secure, carefully slide the mounting bracket back into place in the kiosk back panel.


7. Next will be to swap the old power supply with the replacement supply provided in the RMA. This will require access to the bottom cabinet of the kiosk. Find the green power connector piece and open the cabinet door to follow the cable from the CPU in the top half to the bottom, which will lead to the power brick and power strip. We recommend removing the cash box on the bill validator to better access the power supply.

8. Please note that the power supply cable may be zip-tied to an adhesive mounting pad. Take your cable tie cutter to the zip ties holding the cable in place. 

9. The power brick is held in place by velcro or double-sided tape. Be extra careful when attempting to take it out.

10. Swap out the old power supply with the replacement supply sent with the RMA. Ensure that the power strip cable is completely flush with the power brick.

11. Run the end of the cable with the green connector piece to the top half of the kiosk to plug into the CPU. Use the mini screwdriver to screw it into place.

Use the following legend to connect the remaining cables correctly into the CPU:

Black: Bexel (Card reader) Cable - connects to green connector piece in the bottom cabinet.

White: USB Extension cable or dongle

Red: Barcode scanner cable

Blue: Camera cable

Yellow: Fingerprint reader cable

Green: CoinCo USB-MDB Converter

Orange: Touch Screen Cable (connects to monitor)