Parlevel - Understanding your Bill

To make your Parlevel bill easier to read, here is a guide on understanding your Parlevel invoice. From invoice numbers, billing dates, software sections, and product types, this article will help you better understand your Parlevel bill. 

Parlevel usually bills for the period that begins on the 26th of a month and through the 25th of the following month. 

Parlevel’s billing process is automated and generates based off of what is in your VMS. The data in your VMS is what calculates your monthly bill. Device connectivity fees are charged based off of your contract. 

With that in mind, let’s look at how the system calculates what your bill should be across the different services we provide you:

  • VMS. The number of Online and Offline VMS connections is obtained from the number of machines that are actually active in your system that given month, regardless of use, sales, or services. We do provide a tolerance for machines that were activated in the last five days of such a period.  

  • Parlevel Telemeter and Parlevel Pay+ Connectivity. Parlevel contracts with several communication and technology providers in order to provide you reliable connectivity. Parlevel is charged by these third parties for this connectivity, regardless of device usage. As a result, we bill you for connectivity fees for every device contracted, whether a device is in use or not. If you need to stop using a Parlevel telemeter or Parlevel Pay+ device, please let your Parlevel Customer Success rep know. We can deactivate the device for you and the fees will stop the following month.

  • Micro Markets. Micro market fees are billed as described in your micro market contract. Contracts based on a micro market’s revenue take into account the revenue of that period, and may have minimum billing amounts. Some micro markets use paired kiosks, which typically have flat fees.

  • Office Coffee Service. The number of OCS stations billed is obtained from the number of stations that are actually active in your system that given month, regardless of use, sales, or services. If you are using Parlevel Link with your OCS services, you will be charged a flat, monthly fee.