ADM - Release Notes - 230317 [04-06-23]

Release Notes rel-230317-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 4/6/23.



What’s New!

  • The Entry Summary and Delete Summary reports in ADM are great tools for seeing what Products were added to or removed from a Location. To provide more utility to this report, we have added a new Route filter and column to these reports. The Route data will allow Operators to quickly find and analyze inventory trends by Route, helping to identify and correct any issues.

  • The Subsidy Consumer Spend report in ADM has been updated to include data for Disabled Global Market Accounts. This update will make it easier for Operators to report on all Subsidy data and not just from accounts that are still Active.

  • On the Consumer Search results page in ADM, a new column for “Subsidy Balance” has been added to the grid. This column will display any applicable outstanding Subsidy Balances that consumers may have, making it easier for Operators to gather this data quickly.

  • Please note that on the Device Summary page, the setting for “Cancel Report On” has been removed from the interface. This setting was redundant for determining if the Cancel Report would show in the Report section of ADM, so it has been removed to prevent any questions or confusion. The other Cancel Report settings will remain and will continue to function as they previously have.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug related to ADM receipts for Order Ahead transactions with a Locker Pickup Location. When printing a receipt from the Admin > Transaction page, the associated QR code for the Locker Pickup will now be displayed, helping Operators to better support their customers.