AV Live Release Notes 2023.1.0 [3-16-23]

Release Notes 2023.1.0

The following new features and updates were deployed on 3/16/2023


AV Live

What’s New

  • On the Config tab when editing a Machine, Operators will be able to see if the device is set as 1st or 2nd Cashless.

  • AV Live will handle users who belong to multiple Companies when linking PayPlus devices through the site and also provide endpoints so that PicoVend will also handle this case with version 2023.2.0.

  • Operators will now have access to a “Non-Sellers” report that will show products that have not sold over the specified time frame.

  • This release will prevent double submissions on the Contact Us page for the PayPlus.


Bug Fixes

  • AV Live will correctly interpret the time that a Failed Vend is reported by a PayPlus device.