PicoVend 2023.2.0 - Release Notes - [3-16-23]

Release Notes 2023.2.0

The following new features and updates were deployed on 3/16/2023


What’s New

  • PicoVend now supports combined Credit/Coupon transactions. This functionality will also work correctly with Round Up for Charity.
    • If the coupon balance is less than the min priced item in the machine, the Consumer will be required to use a credit card in order to proceed with vending.
    • If the coupon balance is greater than the min price but less than the max price, the Consumer will be given the option to add more funds by using a credit card.
    • The remainder of the coupon balance will be used first for any purchases.

  • PicoVend now supports linking for users who belong to multiple companies. They will first be able to choose a Company and then a Machine from the selected Company. If the user only belongs to one Company, the process will be unchanged.

  • PicoVend now allows the keyboard to be hidden when entering a Coupon code manually.

Bug Fixes

  • A bug was discovered where the Cash Discount amount was not being uploaded to AV Live. The correct amount was being charged, but the Cash Discount amount of the total amount was not being designated. This has been fixed.

  • A typo on the Nutritional Information page was fixed (2,0000 was changed to 2,000).