ADM - Release Notes - 230224 [3/16/23]

Release Notes rel-230224-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 3/16/23. 



What’s New!

  • In ADM on the Device Dashboard and the Device Summary pages, we have added a new field for “Operating System." This field will display the OS for V5 and 365Dining devices, making it possible for operators to know what their devices are running. This information is very helpful for identifying devices that may need to have their operating system upgraded.

  • There will be a new configurable setting in ADM on the Location Summary page labeled as 'Consolidate Like-Items on Chit' and 'Yes' will be selected by default. This will allow multiple orders of the same product to be consolidated into a single line, making it easier to see the quantity, while reducing KDS space and paper usage.
    • This update will allow an operator to use text or an image for a menu button on their menus. If an operator tries to save an empty menu button without an image or text, an error message will now appear to prevent an 'empty' field from displaying on the UI.

  • The Gift Card Creation report in ADM has been updated to include a new “Value” column. This column will display the dollar value amount of the Gift Cards that were created, making it easier for operators to report on Gift Cards.

  • We have updated the Daily Sales Summary and the Cash Flow Details International reports in ADM to better handle VAT. These updates will help our International operators to have more precise insights into these reports for the Total Sales and VAT components of transactions.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug on the Account Adjustment report that was preventing the User from appearing in some scenarios. When an ADM User performed a Payout and Close, the User field was not displaying the actual data. This fix ensures that the report now includes the User data.