Hotel365 Portal - Reports


Within the Hotel365 Portal, Hotel Admins and Hotel Managers can run a variety of reports to efficiently and effectively manage their locations. The details of these reports are described below. 



For information on other settings that users have access to, please see the Hotel365 - Hotel Admin and Hotel Manager Guide.


Report Filters

Hotels can adjust any of the filters below to narrow or expand the report criteria.



  • Date Range: As seen in the screenshot above, this can be customized or use the options displayed below on the left side of the screen
  • Time Range: Specific time search for products
  • Categories: Classification of products, such as "Breakfast," "Snacks," "Lunch," "Dinner," etc. 

After you have adjusted the filters as desired, you may run the report, or navigate back to the report list.


Types of Reports

Hotel users have access to the following reports within the Hotel365 Portal.


Bad Scan

This report shows a listing of all items that were scanned and not found in the database. This allows the user to ensure that all products with a scan code are in the database.


Daily Sales Summary

This summary gives the user access to their daily sales numbers with a transaction-to-item count and consumer count.


Folio Billing Report

This report shows a listing of all items sold for the location.

This report shows:

  • Payment Method
  • Room Charge  (Last name and Room Number for hotel guest)
  • Comp (reason for compensation)


Inventory Adjustment Detail

The Inventory Adjustment Detail shows all products and their associated movements. This is useful to see the entire add, remove, and sale numbers in one area. The price and cost are also included.


Inventory Stockout

Shows a summary of the on-hand inventory for products, and the last time a stockout occurred.

A record is generated if:

  • a product had a positive on-hand quantity and a sale
  • adjustment reduced the on-hand to 0 units.


Product Sales

This report shows a breakdown of total sales by product.

The user has the ability to sort alphabetically by:

  • product name
  • total number of transactions for this product
  • total amount sold


Sales Item Details

This report shows every transaction by item that was sold for the selected timeframe.

The report shows:

  • the item information
  • transaction information
  • device information
  • employee information


Sales Summary and Cost

This is a report that shows an accumulated total of all sales and costs.


Sales Time Details

This is a report that shows an accumulated total of all sales and costs broken down into major time day parts. For example Midnight to 6:00 am and then 6:00 am to 10:30 am, etc.


Sold Details

This report will display sold data including product name, product price, date, device, etc.