ADM - Release Notes - 230113 [02/22/23]

Release Notes rel-230113-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 2/22/23.



What’s New!

  • We have added a new report around Gift Cards that will help Operators to gain better insight into each individual record that is generated. The new Gift Card Details report will provide information on each record such as its current Status, Amount, and Redeemed Value, so Operators know how each Gift Card is performing.

  • In the Device Dashboard grid, we have added in a new column for “Pico Device Type”, which will show the specific implementation of that device. Since there are numerous configurations for Picos, this column will make it easier to see in aggregate what type of Picos are within an Org.

  • The Admin Transaction Search feature in ADM is a great tool to quickly find transactional level detail on completed sales. We have updated this search to now include a “Search By” option that will help users better filter results and more easily find a specific transaction, while also increasing the performance of the feature.

  • The Cash Audit report in ADM allows users to find the value of cash that was inserted and removed from kiosk Bill Acceptors. This report has only been able to be run against a single Location at a time, but this release has been updated so it can be run against multiple Locations. This will make it much easier to run the report in a single attempt and will help provide the data in a much quicker fashion.

  • On the EFT: GMA Disbursement report, there is a column for “Subsidy Spend”, which provides data on the usage of the Subsidy Balance. The data in this column had only been at the Org level, but this release has been updated to show at the Location level as well. This will help Operators to get more granular insight into where the Subsidy Balances are being used.

  • As more 365Dining locations are starting to prefer cashless operations, we have provided operators with an internal ADM option to toggle the visibility of the Cash tab from the cashier service payment & funding screen off or on

  • With more companies wanting nutritional information available for their consumers, we have added more flexibility that will allow the operator to select what DNA info they want to display on the SS/RT Dining Kiosks. On the DNA tab in ADM, Operators can choose to display just Calories, Color Codes, Full Nutrition (only those fields with a value will display), or all three categories.

  • Operators needs the ability to hide certain items from an Order Ahead menu but still have them available on an Order Now menu. In ADM, in a menu, when you expand an item's detail, you have the ability to check the setting "Exclude From," with the options of Kiosk and Order Ahead. When you select to exclude from Order Ahead, the item will not appear on Order Ahead for the kiosk as it currently does for the mobile app.

Bug Fixes

  • General Bug Fixes.