PicoVend 2023.1.0 - Release Notes [01-25-2023]

Release Notes 2023.1.0

The following new features and updates were deployed on 1/25/2023.


What’s New

  • Added handling when the available balance is less than the lowest-priced item in the vending machine. If auth is attempted for a lower than the lowest-priced item, or if the remaining balance for a vend session after a vend is lower than the lowest-priced item, the session will cancel with the message Insufficient Funds
  • Changed message when canceling a transaction to reflect the payment type that was initiated
    • Examples:
      “Your card will not be charged”
      “Your account will not be charged”
      “Your coupon will not be charged”
  • PicoVend now always starts up with Test Service Mode turned off
  • Toasts displaying error messages are red with an exclamation icon
  • Show toast message for application triggered restart
  • Hide coupon and Account buttons when a user selects Disable Cashless Transactions