ADM - Release Notes - 221218 [1-12-23]

Release Notes rel-221218-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 1/12/23.



What’s New

  • With the Picklist Scheduling option in ADM, we have added a Plan Today Pick in Four Days option. This will help provide more flexibility when scheduling around the weekends so that more use cases can be covered. Operators will now be able to successfully plan and schedule more options around the weekend.
  • To provide a more consistent experience with Gift Cards, we have updated the character requirements for the Gift Card Title and Note fields. The Title field will now have a cap of 52 characters, while the Note field will have a cap of 60 characters. Additionally, both fields will support the full array of ADM-allowed special characters. These changes will help to ensure that Gift Card records can consistently render and provide the intended messaging.


Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes