ADM - Release Notes 221118 [12-15-22]

Release Notes rel-221118-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 12/15/22



What’s New

  • The Account Adjustment report in ADM is being updated to better account for Subsidy funds. The report was previously showing just the Subsidy funds that were spent, but now it will be showing all subsidy funds added to account balances. This update will help operators to more clearly understand all funds that were added to a Subsidy Balance, even if a particular consumer never spends any of the funds.

  • The EFT: GMA Disbursement report is being updated with a new “SSO Fee” column, which will be placed following the existing “Monthly Fee” column. This field is being implemented as part of a new feature in ADM around Single Sign On, which will be available in future ADM releases. Stay on the lookout for more information on when this feature will be fully available.

  • We have updated a number of Reports in ADM to better handle scenarios where the cart total due is $0 for consumers. With these updates, the reporting in ADM will more accurately reflect all of these transactions so operators have a clear and accurate view of product movement and transaction counts.

  • On the Device Summary page in ADM, we have added a new field for “Kiosk Version” in the Info section. This field will display the current software version running on the device so operators will have that information more easily available to them.

  • Related to 365Dining with Order Ahead, we have made an update in ADM to the Self-Service Menus. On the menu, users will notice an “Order Now” toggle that will determine if consumers can place an order for the current time. This functionality will ultimately be used on the 365Dining kiosk, and please note the kiosk must be on the upcoming 221201 release.

  • When exporting products from ADM, the export file will now match the format used for the Product Upload Template. This will make it much easier and save time for users to export products, make any necessary adjustments, and then provide that list back to 365 to upload.

  • As we continue to enhance the Gift Card feature in ADM, we have added substantial functionality in this release. The updates to Gift Cards include the following:
    • A column for “Gift Card ID” has been added to the Gift Card Usage report. This column will display the unique ID associated with the individual Gift Card that was used, allowing users to better track and report on usage.
    • A new “Bill Client” dropdown has been added to the overall Gift Card record. This dropdown will show the names of Locations in the Org and will act purely as a reference point if needed to report back to clients. This selection is not required, and the Gift Card functionality will not be impacted in any way.
    • The grid lines on the Printed Gift Card records have been removed, so that there are no lines between individual records. This will make it much easier for users to print off and cut out the Gift Cards and will help provide a more professional look for consumers.
    • A Gift Card rebate concept for expired funds has been added to the EFT: GMA Disbursement process. With this change, as Gift Cards expire out, any unused funds will be credited back to the Operator on their Disbursement. This will help to normalize the flow of funds and limit outstanding liabilities for already issued Gift Cards.

Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes